Pla(T)form 2018 Winterthur Fotomuseum



I’m currently working on the idea of an exhibit in motion. I will conceive it as an original work of art that embodies a distinct space-time. It will contain pieces of work that have been altered and exhibited in many contextual forms, as they are composed of layers of themselves. Hence, I want to apply the same object-in-perpetual-motion process to the show itself. 


Today, I’m working on scenographies of my shows, but I recently looked to integrate three dimensional movement to implement my research on the elasticity of the moment present. If I use a combination of photography and video along with the light (or the shadow) and space available as raw matter, I need this new tool to allow me to project and conceive the space and its dramaturgy beforehand, but will also integrate it to the actual show as an infinite regress. 


I would thus like to imagine a show whose shape is constantly evolving. I would stage and alter my works throughout its duration, invite other artists to add or remove things, to focus on a word, a shadow, or a detail in such a way that no object, no place, no image will remain as is, by definition. Instead, evolving into an unfinished and temporary element that could, yet again, be remodeled. A lot like a human being in fact. 

Adapting to the space I am given, I will create a place composed of layered objects, images and projections of the space like a serial universe. Some objects will only be projected, others will be duplicated by their physical presence, others will only be present for a given time and forever open to alteration. 


As I have done with photography, defying the inertia of a medium by conferring it with a philosophical remanence, I now would like to use digital techniques to illustrate the present matter. As my pieces invariably tend towards dematerialisation, I focus on the perpetual unfolding process: The subject and its disappearance; the works exhibited as if hovering in the space; The fact that each work, whatever its original shape is (or may become) - is composed of an exponential number of versions of itself. It exists prior to its actual realisation and long after. Like a pointless vanishing point.