For Galerie E.G.P’s first year at Paris Photo L.A., the gallery has presented a solo exhibition by artist Rachel Rom. This is the Paris-based gallery’s first U.S. show since opening an office space in New York this past fall, marking the start of its North American presence. Rachel Rom is the conceptual name for acclaimed portraitist Romina Shama, who joined the gallery in November 2013. It was a little before upon joining Galerie E.G.P that Shama, a graduate from Central Saint Martins School (London), began working under the pseudonym Rachel Rom, echoing the relationship between her work as a photographer and her conceptual approach to the fine arts.


...Rachel Rom is best known for her cinematic images, sweeping portraits reminiscent of black and white films. Depicting her subjects from unexpected angles or seemingly unaware of her presence, Rom creates the impression of capturing a fleeting moment in time. This sense of the temporal is enhanced through Rom’s unconventional use of light; she inserts cinematic glare into her works, further dislocating the subject, and inviting viewers to meditate on the very notion of portraiture.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Rom’s work is her use of photography as a material. Employing a host of techniques that span the history of photography, from the traditional use of silver prints and gelatin to iPhone photos, Rom explores the medium’s varied potential. Taking photography as a starting point, Rom makes a photo, and then often removes portions, re-photographs, layers imagery, or alters the original composition, creating singular works that verge on sculptural.

Among the notable works on view at their Paris Photo stand, Naked Fragmented, which depicts a naked woman walking down the road, though the image of the woman herself has been removed from the frame, and placed just alongside of it. Through this work Rom refutes the notion of photography as a reproducible medium, challenging conventional ideas about the boundaries and limitations of a photograph. 

Another singular piece is The Remanence Wall series, which reflects the deeply interconnected nature of Rom’s work, and the way in which her exhibitions reference one another. These works feature photographs mounted on a portion of wall from a previous exhibition, with the background for the works made of wallpaper, which itself is composed of images displayed in an even earlier exhibition. Through this layering of imagery, Rom draws a line from one body of work to the next, building upon each work and allowing the passage of time to influence and change each piece...


Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles, April 2015 






"Self exposed (With Pauline Klein)" performance within Pistoletto's Installation, VnH Gallery, Paris

"Floor Invisible Wall" Free exhibition on the floor of Place de la République, les Rencontres d'Arles


Paris Photo Los Angeles with Galerie E.G.P


"Fragments", Galerie E.G.P, Paris


"Rachel Rom", Galerie E.G.P, Paris


"Naked and Hurt", Visionnaire's Gallery, Paris (solo)

"Escape and Wander", Three Seven Us, Paris (solo)


"Run", SAKS Gallery, Geneva (solo)




October 2016

"Silk", curated by Andreas Krueger, Berlin

"Party Pooper" at Franzkowiak and Westphal Gallery, Berlin

February 2016

"Poesis" - Exhibition collaboration with artist Anthony Bannwart at Laurent Marthaler Contemporary in Montreux, Switzerland

June-Sept 2015 

Mother Serie exhibited at "Portrait(s)" Festival in Vichy


Portraits Festival Group Show curated by Off the WALL


"Be my Guest" group show at Galerie E.G.P

"Fashion for future" Art exhibition fundraiser at Les Anges de la Mode 


"Replica" curated by Martin Margiela at Jousse Gallery, Paris

"Tarentel 1", Künstlerhaus Bethanien, curated by Christoph Tannert, Berlin


"Face up", Dior's Suite at Cannes Film Festival


"Art is Fashion" photo exhibition at Visionaire's Gallery, Paris

"Summer show", SAKS Gallery, Geneva

"Portrait exhibition", Cannes Film Festival Art Show, Cannes


"Portraits", Galerie Joyce, Paris

"Visionaire", Galerie de la Bourse, Paris


"Ten" Deluxe Gallery, Hoxton square, London

"No Title Show" Covent Garden Gallery, London

"The Group show" St Martin's Gallery, London



"RACHEL ROM", limited edition of 20 published by Préféré








"Rachel by Rom" Paris, 2014